Each year, Sports360AZ produces Arizona All-Academic teams to spotlight the best the state has to offer both on the court/field as well as in the classroom. The teams are based on nominations from coaches, athletic directors and members of the high school athletics community. The sports they currently recognize are: football, soccer, basketball, baseball and softball.

We are proud to recognize our student-athletes who have excelled both statistically and scholastically, and have earned recognition from Sports360AZ as an Academic All-Arizona honoree.

Alyssa Braun, WBKB (1st) Quintin Fiedler, FTBL (1st) Lona Fitzgerald, WSOC (1st) Julianna Gay, SFTBL (1st)
Ashleigh Lawton, WSOC (1st) Jake O’Brien, MBKB (1st) Riley Rhodes, FTBL (1st) Caleb Rutter, MBKB (1st)
Gavin Stinson, FTBL (1st) Grace Blevins, SFTBL (2nd) Bailey Flansburg, BSBL (2nd) Sophia Ames, WSOC (HM)
Gracie Bare, WSOC (HM) Kaitlyn Bellerson, WBKB (HM) Hannah Best, WSOC (HM) Audrey Brown, WSOC (HM)
Madeline Brown, WSOC (HM) David Campbell, FTBL (HM) Jack Campbell, MBKB (HM) Skylar Cavanaugh, WSOC (HM)
Natalie Denk, WBKB (HM) Ethan Dewit, BSBL (HM) Brendan Dyer, FTBL (HM) Katie Feenstra, SFBL (HM)
Alijah Gammage, FTBL; BSBL (HM) Michael Gay, FTBL (HM) Mason Goodell, FTBL (HM) Ashlynn Gross, WSOC (HM)
Hailey Heeringa, SFBL (HM) Clair Henry, WSOC (HM) Karli Kalfas, SFTBL (HM) Ashley Koch, WBKB (HM)
Lindsay Laulis, WSOC (HM) Sidney Maxwell, WSOC (HM) Derek Middlebrooks, BSBL (HM) Nicole Miller, WSOC (HM)
Riley Nelson, BSBL (HM) Chase Sanchez, FTBL (HM) Christian Sanchez, FTBL; BSBL (HM) Keara Schromm, WSOC (HM)
Megan Timmer, WBKB (HM)
Alyssa Braun, WBKB (1st) Ty Corbin, FTBL (1st) Brandon Haagsma, FTBL; MBKB (1st) Mara Kemmer, WBKB; SFTBL (1st)
Ben Murray, BSBL (1st) T.J. Widner, FTBL; MBKB (1st) Zach Wolf, MBKB; BSBL (1st) Kaitlyn Bellerson, SFTBL (HM)
Ethan DeWit, BSBL (HM) Hailey Heeringa, SFTBL (HM) Micah Izquierdo, BSBL (HM) Cory Kasperson, FTBL; MBKB (HM)
Ashley Koch, WBKB (HM) Dayton Nussle, FTBL (HM) Jacob Owings, FTBL; BSBL (HM) Christian Sanchez, BSBL (HM)
Carter Gladstone, BSBL (1st) Hannah Johnson, SFTBL (1st) Daniel Streng, BSBL (1st) Abby Labahn, WBKB (2nd)
Alec Chavez, MBKB (HM) Natalie Denk, SFTBL (HM) Austin Elmer, BSBL (HM) Colton Gentry, MBKB (HM)
Brandon Haagsma, MBKB (HM) Riley Hill, BSBL (HM) Larae Hunt, SFTBL (HM) Lexi Kalfas, SFTBL (HM)
Tana Kemmer, WBKB (HM) Stephanie Ware, SFTBL (HM) T.J. Widner, MBKB (HM) Zach Wolf, BSBL (HM)